About Delivery

How does our Delivery work?                      *** See Also "How does our Orders work?"

Delivery Guidelines

In principle our deliveries is aimed at providing a fresh dish and meal to you our customer on the next business day after the order, but for an even fresher dish and meal we do deliver on the same day if you order before 10:00 or 09:00 on Fridays.

We are however buying our ingredients on a regular basis, therefore there might be cases where we contact you to arrange for the next day delivery in order to first to obtain the necessary fresh ingredients for your order and properly prepare it fresh for you with the attention and care it requires.

Delivery Slots

At the moment we start our delivery slots on a Monday from 15:00 to 19:00. Then we've got two daily delivery slots on Tuesdays to Thursday from 11:00 to 14:00 and then 15:00 to 19:00. Fridays these slots are from 10:30 to 13:30 and 14:00 to 18:00. Saturdays we deliver from 09:30 to 14:30.

On Sundays we don't deliver, but we allow pick-up at our store - If you order on the website please leave a note to indicate your "Pick-up" preference on the Sunday.

Delivery Areas and Address/es

We currently deliver in these main areas as follows:

  • Centurion, Midstream and Valhalla
  • Midrand
  • Pretoria-East and Pretoria-South
  • Sandton, Jhb North, Randburg
  • Roodepoort, Krugersdorp
  • Northern East Rand

At checkout under Delivery/Shipping Method you would also find a "pick-up" point, which you could select to pick-up your order at a zero delivery cost. Note that when the pick-up option has been selected as a shipping method your order will be kept at our store to be picked up towards the end of the time/delivery slot chosen.

You may register multiple delivery addresses of which you could select one for each separate order.

Receipt of Order

If you require your delivery to be done at a specific time or time-slot within our delivery times, then please leave a message with your order. We would then endeavour to deliver as close as possible to the required time to ensure that someone is available to receive the order.

If no-one is available to receive the order then an additional delivery charge may apply, therefore your cooperation and communication in this regard would be highly appreciated!

Cost of Delivery

Unfortunately there is a cost for delivery, which is related to the distance of the delivery as well as the value of the order.
Remember the higher the value of your order the lower the delivery cost, but realistically the further the delivery the higher the delivery cost.

The delivery cost is calculated by the system and based on your address, area code and value of your order.

Indicative Delivery Cost & Account

It is possible to get an indicative delivery cost by providing your area code (postal code) during the checkout process, but by easily creating a completely free account and being logged-in during the ordering and checkout process the delivery cost is automatically indicated during the process which is based on the delivery/shipping address/method selected.
Being logged into your account also provides a quicker and easier process for repeat orders.
Note that the estimated delivery cost always indicates the least cost option which may include any pick-up points. Please check the list of options and estimated prices for the different options under the “Shipping Rates Calculator”.
The shipping rate is only finalized after all your selections have been made just before executing the payment. - See Also "How does our Orders work?"