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About Orders

How does our Orders work?                        *** See also "How does our Delivery work?"

Provision of Dishes and Meals

We provide a wide range of Dishes.
The quickest to browse the selection is to select the “Menu Collections” link from the main/top menu and find the options grouped under the listed “collections”.
After selecting a specific dish, you may select your size of the dish and where available also select fresh or frozen – Note that the price automatically updates as you change your selection in size etc.

 Selection of Items and Availability

From the Home Page you may directly select from the “Featured Products” or select one of the “Menu Collections” listed.
Another quick option is to select the “Menu Collections” link from the main/top menu and find the options grouped under the listed “collections”
You may also select to “Browse by category” found in the left menu of our home page.

In the selected Collection you now select your preferred Dish or Meal.
Note that some categories / collections may have more than one page – See the “Next” page selector at the bottom of the page.

After selecting a specific Dish, you may select your Size of the dish and whether “Fresh” or “Frozen” where available – Note that the price automatically updates as you change your selection in size etc.

You now select “Add to Order”, which will add the selected dish/meal to your Shopping Cart and you will be automatically taken to your shopping cart to verify the selection and quantity.

Note that the products will only be “reserved” for you at the point of executing the payment for the order.

Shopping Cart & Checkout

When finished with your shopping and satisfied with your selection and quantity of products you may continue with the "Check-Out" process.

You may now continue with the process to select you preferred delivery date and time, enter your personal information, select your preferred delivery/shipping and/or collection method, pay and confirm your order, as described in more detail below. 

Remember to Capture any specific Notes or Delivery Instructions in the allocated "Additional Comments" area.

At this point in time it will be to your advantage to be logged into your account (See Account details below or go to My Account). Being logged in would now provide you with the Shipping/Delivery and Collection Point Options and related estimated costs.
If these options are not listed or provide you could select the
Calculate Estimated Shipping and Delivery/Collection Options” link to use the Shipping Calculator to provide you with the information.

To Calculate the Shipping Options and estimated Costs select "Gauteng" and provide your postal- or street code. Now select “Get Rates” and thereafter select
VIEW CALCULATED/ESTIMATED RATES/OPTIONS” which would take you to the listed options and estimated costs.
You would notice that an “Estimated Shipping” is also indicated below the Cart Total. Please Note that this estimate only indicates the least cost option and the actual delivery cost will depend on your location, order value and specifically the Delivery/Collection Option you finally select, therefore the actual shipping/delivery value will be determined and communicated after the confirmation of the Delivery/Collection Option, but before payment is made!

Delivery Date, Time-slot

Please select you preferred delivery date and time-slot. Certain delivery days or time-slots may not be available based on weekends, holidays or earlier orders utilizing the full capacity of the delivery capability.

When selecting the delivery day and time keep in mind the Delivery/Collection Options as some have specific days and times for delivery or collection. It would be advisable to select your delivery date and time in-line with your preferred Delivery/Collection Option (Shipping Method).
When any of those "Delivery Points" are being selected as "Shipping Method" the listed "Delivery Point" Date and Time will take precedence!

In principle we deliver your dishes and/or meals fresh for you the next day.
This is to allow us time to procure specific ingredients and properly prepare your order for you with the attention and care it requires
If your Order is placed after 14:00 (Mon-Thu) or 13:30(Friday) delivery would be following delivery day i.e. Monday delivery if order is placed after 13:30 on the Friday!

 Remember to Capture any specific Notes or Delivery Instructions in the allocated "Additional Comments" area.

Creating an Account, Delivery Estimate and History (Personal Details)

In order to continue with the order you are now required to complete your personal details in order for us to be able to communicate the order status, deliver your order to you etc.
When you’ve completed your first order then automatically you have provided and completed all the necessary information to create an account. The only outstanding item is the selection of your password to create an account.

Creating a Mealtreats User Account is quick and easy and provide you with a much quicker and easier experience for further/future orders. When logged into your account it also provide you with an automatic delivery cost estimate based on the delivery / collection option selected.
On the "My Account” page you are also provided with your order history and related status information.

Note that the estimated delivery cost always indicates the least cost option which may include any pick-up points. Please check the list of options and estimated prices for the different options under the “Shipping Rates Calculator”.
The shipping rate is only finalized after all your selections have been made just before executing the payment.

Delivery or Collection Address Options

You may register multiple delivery addresses of which you could select one for each separate order.

At checkout under Delivery/Shipping Method you would also find various delivery "pick-up" points, which you could select to pick-up your order at a much reduced delivery cost.
Note that when one of these pick-up points has been selected as a shipping method it will override any selected delivery/shipping address and/or time-slot. (Refer to the details of the pick-up point)

We plan to have a Mealtreats outlet in Wierdapark Centurion in the near future, where you could pick-up your order at no additional / delivery cost

Payment Options and Payment Gateway

The payments (except Manual EFT) are processed by PayFast our elected Payment Gateway.
Direct/Instant EFT is also possible via the Payment Gateway for most major South African banks, but again our advice and preference is to pay via Credit Card as this payment process is the quickest, easiest and most proven!

After confirmation and completion of your order details and note/s you must select to pay for your order, after which you would be routed to the “PayFast” Payment Gateway. Please follow the intuitive steps to affect your payment. For the direct EFT Option you would be guided to the steps, details and process to affect the payment via your own bank’s internet banking interface.

It is also advisable (not necessary or required) to register an account (separate from the mealtreats account) with PayFast. This will assist in the quick and easy processing of future payments via mealtreats and thousands other web-based systems utilizing PayFast. - [ https://www.payfast.co.za ] (Remember to un-tick the "I want to receive online payments" checkbox when registering your user account with PayFast)

In the future we are planning to possibly also include payment via SnapScan as an option.

Payment Confirmation and Order finalization

When your payment has been executed and finalized you would be returned to the website and receive a confirmation email. This also initiates the processing of your order up to final delivery.
If you’ve selected to pay via manual EFT the process might be delayed as the confirmation of the payment would only happen after confirmation of payment receipt in our account! – Remember also that these Manual EFT confirmation delays might affect your delivery date and time.
You should receive emails during the finalization and delivery initiation of your order.

See also “How does our Delivery work?